Bonvoyage Week day 1:

Today is the first day of #bonvoyage week, a wonderful challenge co-created by some fantastic and inspiring illustrators on instagram (@asmaoriginal, @asiaorlando, @bronterose, @iz.ptica). I'm very excited to be taking part in this challenge and getting involved in the creative community on instagram.

The prompt for day 1 was "Dream Destinations". I've chosen Corfu, in Greece as my dream destination. If the beautiful climate, sea, food and people weren't enough, the depiction of Corfu in the PBS tv series "The Durrells" brought to life people and stories I have loved ever since reading "My family and other animals", by conservationist and author Gerald Durrell.

Frankly, I think spending time with the Durrells family would just be a laugh, sprinkled with some chaos, drama and unforgettable moments. Gerry and I would go on adventures to find animals and chat about vegetarianism and animal rights, I would be equally bewildered and intrigued by Margo- the teenage girl I never was!, I might get into an argument with Leslie about guns (hopefully enlisting Gerry as part of my attack) and then caught up in one of his ventures, I would try to hold my own with Larry during deep talks about philosophy, politics and literature and Louisa and I would analyse the eccentricities of her offspring over a cup of tea....and some hummus and some figs and honey.

My illustration shows some of the elements from the show to that beloved house and the animals that inhabit it, to the family going about their daily life.

Where is your dream destination?

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