New leaves

Welcome! I'm starting this blog to mark a new stage* and hopefully direction in my life. Also, if anybody is actually taking the time to read this then thank you! I'm pleasantly surprised.

* by new stage in my life I mean the end (more or less) of university and the beginning of the rest of my life and whatever that brings.

The purpose of this blog is to log my journey as I attempt to immerse myself in the world of illustration. One of my illustration heroes- Jim Kay (he did the illustrated version of the Harry Potter books) said some things during a talk of his that really stuck in my mind. Firstly, he said that the best way to get feedback on your work is through twitter, school children and the internet. They, he says with much conviction and anecdotes to back it up, are brutally honest. Secondly, I absolutely loved learning about the creative process behind his work and think it would be cool to try and log my own. The idea of crumpling up paper to act as a stand in for the rocks on which Hogwarts is perched and then lighting it in different ways to draw from blew my mind. Seriously, check out the talk:

In short, my plan is to post pictures and progress pictures/videos of the illustrations I am making with my trusty apple pen, ipad and procreate, in addition to sharing my thought processes behind them. I am huge bookworm, nature-lover and language-lover so a lot of my drawings are inspired by those things, but also inspired by my childhood growing up in several countries in South East Asia, travel and my interest in social and environmental issues.

Goodbye for now


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