Part 2 of current focuses

Here is part 2 of my current focuses:

1) Work on illustrations that could be used for branding, packaging or editorial. From what I’ve heard (and not surprisingly!) publishing is notoriously hard to break into, while on the flip side there seems to be more opportunities to get started through other forms of illustration work. As I’m not really sure where I want to focus, and if indeed I do want to focus, I’ve set myself the goal of developing this other side of my portfolio.

2) Developing some sort of online presences….I’m cringing as I write this, but I do understand you can't just create in a vacuum. Instagram, twitter and blogosphere, here I come!

So what's happening at the moment?

The town in Spain where I'm living has entered into more stringent covid-19 restrictions and of course situation across Europe is looking glum. I can't use any of my free time as a language auxiliar to travel around Andalucia, which means aside from the 12 hours a week of teaching, I have a lot of time to work on illustration. At the moment I'm planning on sticking this out until Christmas. While I'm enjoying teaching, the fact that I'm alone in my flat and not really able to go anywhere is certainly causing the cons of staying to outweigh the pros of "going back home". I'm trying to enjoy the little things like how funny some of the students at school are and the three black and white kittens I pass everyday on the way to school, but I think ultimately not being so isolated is crucial to protecting my mental health.

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