Unexpectedly back in England

So I am back in England. It’s the second time I have unexpectedly decided to leave (and left) a country in less than 12 hours- in fact this time it was in about 6 hours. Thank you Europe for being so small! This travel, only involving a taxi and a three hour flight, was far more simple than last time. It did however put into practice my rush-job packing skills- skills that have been honed quite a bit thanks to the pandemic. While I was enjoying teaching English in Spain, with all the COVID restrictions, working only 12 hours a week, living alone and in the very rural town I was in, I don’t think it would have been sustainable for my wellbeing to stay as long as I was supposed to. I had planned to stay until the end of November, but after hearing the announcement of the closure of Andalucía (the region I was in), it seemed increasingly sensible just to get out as the number of flights was becoming worryingly low. The teachers where very kind and understanding about it. I hope that I’ll be able to participate in the program in the future, under different circumstances! So yes. I am back in England and self-isolating in Sussex in the cottage where my Dad and youngest sister are living at the moment. There’s a gorgeous postman pat black and white cat here and two border collies (my favourite) - one of which is a puppy!- so I’m feeing pretty content about the fact that I’ve somehow ended up living on a farm again. Maybe it's a sign.

Although my time in Spain was brief and I saw more of the region during my taxi ride to the airport than I saw during the entire time I was there, I enjoyed working the school and interacting with the students and teachers. During the rest of time had many hours to dedicate to improving my illustration skills. I practiced anatomy (an ongoing practice, but see some examples below), worked on developing the character and sets designs for I capture the castle and started studying more of perspective. So that is my update for now. Back in England and even more time to work on illustration and figure out what to do in life!

A few pictures below from my short time living in Spain. Sadly realised last night when speaking with friends that I didn't eat any Spanish food while there....unless you count Gazpacho from a bottle which frankly I don't! But, there's always next time.

^Set design for I capture the castle (sadly in a recycling bin somewhere in the south of Spain as size not conducive for travel in a suitcase especially when speed packing)

^Absolutely adorable black and white kittens that I said hello to every day on my way to and back from school. By the way kittens are in the white plant pot

^Gloriously rainy view of England on my flight back. Actually during my time in Spain I had quite missed the rain

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